• Smile Froyo
    May with Love

    11 MAY 2017

    Flower & Butterfly
    Mango Sauce
    Osmanthus Jelly
    Strawberry Meringue
    Hibiscus Sorbet
    Raspberry Cranberry Pudding
    Homemade Crumb

  • Smile Chiffon Cake
    Love you Mum
    $408 / $208

    11 MAY 2017

    Vanilla Chiffon Cake
    Rose Chantilly cream
    Black currant gelee
    Mixed berries
    Flowers & Butterfly

  • Year of the Rooster2017 with Smile Yogurt

    19 JAN 2017

    Smile Yogurt wishes you a Prosperous new year! A new year started with our blissful gifts set. Please visit our Menu for more details.

  • Smiling Christmas

    19 DEC 2016

    Santa Claus is HERE! Let’s enjoy the delicious mix of Smile froyo and homemade toppings for Christmas holiday!

    Santa Claus Icing / Pineapple & Passionfruit Mikado / Christmas Cake / Mango Sauce / Raspberry Jelly / Mango / Homemade Crumb / Strawberry Meringue

  • Chiffon Cake for Christmas

    19 DEC 2016

    Limited chiffon cake for Christmas. Celebrate this joyful festival with tasty dessert – smile chiffon cakes! Chocolate/green tea/berries/chestnut….

    Let’s choose your favorite on our menu!

  • Stick Stick Smile

    19 DEC 2016

    Have a delightful Christmas with our tasty stick stick gifts! For more products details, please visit our menu.

  • Smile Mooncake

    25 JUL 2016

    We have prepared a traditional mooncake with our Stick Stick Gift Sets. Don’t miss our Pre-order Special! For more product details please visit our Menu.

  • Red & Black Forest

    15 JUN 2016

    Chocolate chiffon cake / Cherry Jelly / Chocolate Mousse / Chocolate Crunchy Pearl / Chocolate Flower & Leaf

  • Papa Love Mocha

    15 JUN 2016

    Chocolate chiffon cake / Coffee pudding / Chocolate Crunchy Pearl / Coffee Cookies / Golden Coffee Beans / Praline flavored Cream / Father’s Day Chocolate

  • Enjoy all Froyo $50

    11 MAR 2016

    Dear all Smile lovers, thank you for supporting us!
    We would like to invite you to enjoy froyo promotion on 18-20 Mar! See you soon!

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