Smile Froyo of the Month

【Limited Edition Froyo《Top Dad》for Smile K11 Artmall  & Hysan Place ONLY】

《Top DAD》

This year, Smile Yogurt has created a Father’s Day Special Frozen Yogurt with the theme of wood, to represent the image of father and for you to show gratitude to your dearest father.

Father is like a tree, unadorned but reliable
Serenely caring for the life in the shade

Woody color tone together with sweet yet slightly bitter fillings: green tea, tiramisu, oreo and chocolate, depicts the image of a warm yet masculine father.

Tiramisu.Green Tea Pudding.Chocolate Meringue.Chocolate Brownie.Green Tea Brownie.Green Tea & Sesame Biscuit.Chocolate Pearl


Available from 1-30 June, 2022

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